Role of collagen supplements in skin health

Role of collagen supplements in skin health

Usually, we hear the word collagen whenever someone is talking about skin health. No doubt, collagen has profound beneficial effects on skin health and is the ideal protein responsible for keeping you look young. Whether visiting a grocery store or searching a drugstore website, you can't escape without looking at beauty products that claim to be rich in collagen.

Everyone desires to look beautiful and young, matter how much old he is. As you become older, your body starts losing collagen, and you are exposed to face the skin problems caused by the aging process. If you always want to look young and maintain a fresh, natural skin appearance, then cheers. Collagen supplements are famous for their well-proven and more than expected outcomes in cases of skin health. Let's look at the revolutions of collagen supplements brought into the cosmetic industry.

What is collagen?

Before discussing the benefits of collagen in skin health, we need to know what collagen is. Collagen is an important protein of the connective tissues and is found abundantly in the body. It is found mainly in bones, skin, tendons, hair, and muscles. Being the central part of connective tissue, it holds the body together and helps maintain its structure and shape.

Types of collagens

As we have discussed that collagen provides strength and maintains the structure of different body parts, collagen has many types depending upon their abundance in specific tissues. A particular collagen type is present tissues more abundantly than in other tissues. There are many types of collagens, but we are going to discuss the following four types of collagens.

  • Type I

Type-I is known to be the most common type of collagen. It occurs in almost all connective tissues and provides strength to tissues.

  • Type II

Type-II occurs mainly in joints and intervertebral discs of the spinal cord, contributing to their strength and rigidity.

  • Type III

Type-III is the main component of reticular fibers which provide strength and maintain the structure of skin and blood vessels. It is the primary type of collagen that is highly claimed to be present in cosmetic products.

  • Type IV

This type is primarily found in the ear, kidney, and eye lens.

What are collagen supplements?

Famous for their beneficial effects on skin health, collagen supplements have brought revolutions in the cosmetic industry in the last few years. Most collagen supplements are hydrolyzed to make collagen easily absorbable. These supplements are available in powder as well as capsule forms, of which some contain one type of collagen and others include more than one type. The powder and capsule forms are easy to digest and absorb.

What is collagen-rich natural foods?

  • Collagen is present in high concentrations in foods that contain gelatin, such as bone broth.


  • Collagen is also found abundantly in the connective tissues of animals. That's why chicken skin, beef, and fish are rich sources of collagen.


  • Collagen synthesis requires vitamin C. Foods rich in vitamin C are also advised to catalyze collagen synthesis. Citrus fruits are very famous sources of vitamin C.

What are the advantages of collagen supplements in skin health?

  1. Anti-aging effects

The human body starts producing less collagen as the aging process is initiated in the thirties and forties. Being an important structural component of the connective tissue, collagen holds the body together. Including collagen supplements in your diet helps replace damaging aging effects on overall body health, including the skin.

  1. Easily absorbable

The collagen present in foods offers some difficulty in digestion and absorption. Meanwhile, collagen supplements are present in hydrolyzed forms in which the molecule is broken down to allow easy digestion and absorption. The hydrolysable quality of the collagen supplements also makes collagen intake easier as it can be ingested using water.

  1. Smooth wrinkles and boost elasticity

Collagen is a well-known supplement and cosmetic product ingredient famous for its health benefits on the skin. This is a well-researched and evidence-based benefit of collagen supplements. Collagen helps keep skin from sagging and provides us with a youthful look. The main functions of collagen in skin include:

Improvement of skin elasticity

Reduction of wrinkles

More blood flow through the skin

  1. Hair thickening benefits

Collagen supplements are also known to have profound effects on hair. They can retard hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Hair thickening benefits of collagen are attributed to its impact on improving skin elasticity, including the skin of the scalp. The dermal layer of skin contains hair follicles that are subjected to damaging effects of age that result in the weakening and thinning of hair. Intake of collagen-rich foods as well as collagen supplements helps boost hair thickening.



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